Weight & Bamboo (Festival Writer)
Wonder at the licked-penny tang of your hand when you wipe it across your mouth, all dirty copper, the taste its own memory of scolding: what not to put in your mouth. Wonder about your last tetanus shot. Remember that you forget.

Heading North (Novel Excerpt) (Classical Magazine Issue 8, The Books Issue)
A too-early firework flares red over Parov’s downtown glow, where most of the city’s inhabitants are and where Viktor Markovic and Nikolai Stepnov are not. Viktor and Nikolai are lacing their hockey skates on the snowy canal bank, taking their sticks in their gloved hands, and stepping onto the narrow, snow-skimmed ice.

To the Wall (Rappahannock Review)
Sandy pulls every book from the shelf, shakes them out. All she finds are Star Wars bookmarks, a love note from a girl whose name she has never heard, some stickers from a vending machine: a big psychedelic peace sign, a four-leaf clover, a Colorado Rockies logo. On the wall is a framed photo and baseball card of Todd Helton. Jacob had won it at the state fair, said the card wasn’t worth anything but Helton was good, if kind of old. Todd Helton is two years younger than she is.

Jonah, The Whale (Hobart)
It was March 6 when Jonah Jimenez threw a perfect game in Spring Training, ninety-four pitches all-told, and fifty more than any starter was throwing then. If you asked anyone, it was ninety-four pitches more than Jonah Jimenez had any business throwing anywhere. 

Indelible (Bluestem Magazine)
John sits in his darkening living room and watches the sky bruise. The clouds seem to hang low enough to touch the second floor balcony before him, and he very nearly gets up, opens the double doors, and sits there, but his legs have become rock. The paralysis creeps up his spine, pushes him deeper into the leather sofa’s plush, and he cannot look anymore at his living room, his own view of Casper Mountain’s foothills. He faces west, the wind and the reservation, and though it is a hundred miles out, he cannot look.Audio available at website

Middle Infield (Stymie Magazine)
Brendan glances over his shoulder at his friend, the dented Louisville Slugger at home in his hands, covered, as are Brendan’s, by last season’s batting gloves. It’s cool for the end of May, the light is starting to die, and Cal makes Brendan a little nervous, leaning like that. But Cal makes Brendan nervous in all kinds of ways, ways that make Brendan nervous with himself.

You can also hear & watch me read at this link from the 2013 Casper College Humanities Festival:
An excerpt from The Oak and Holly King (novel in progress)

Print only, but gosh, their back issues are lovely:
"Dreamfish." Gray's Sporting Journal. Feb/March, 2004.

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